We cook for you

We cook for you

You choose the place

Chef Carlos Barneda and his team will make it easy for you these holidays

TAKE A LOOK to menus and dishes Christmas Special 2015 (PDF)

If you do not want to cook, we open the doors of our gastronomic space on 25, 26, December 31 and January 1 at noon.

Enjoy delicious gourmet dishes of renewed tradition, to take them where you want or taste them in our restaurant.

Sant Francesc Restaurant

A space where the landscape, architecture and cuisine blend history and modernity, tradition and innovation, logic and creativity.

Come and enjoy experiences with the 5 senses and share moments, cultural and craft expressions, colors, scents, textures and flavors to the passing of each season and a territory.

Happy Holidays!

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Plaça Sant Francesc, s/n
43400 Montblanc

+34 977 875 185

Local author cuisine in all formats